Author Bio

About J.R. Gagne’

J.R. Gagne’ was born October 13th 1976 in Buffalo NY. He spent his first 18 years living in Niagara Falls NY with his parents, and sister. Jason went to LaSalle Senior High school where he met his future wife Jennifer. She was an office administrator and he was a mechanic. They were married in Niagara Falls but soon moved to Kodiak AK to continue their careers. At age 31 the two of them welcomed their first and only child into the world. Her name is Alyeska. The family moved around from Oregon to Fairbanks and they finally ended up in Wasilla AK. Jason was introduced to role playing games at a young age which fueled his appetite for anything fantasy. Today Jason is continuing his writing career that was started over 20 years ago.

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